Are you looking for a 'local' source for your art glass needs? Use the Art Glass Association's Custom Work Referral Search. Whether you are looking for custom windows for your home or custom art glass for your gallery or a gift, there are Art Glass Association members ready to work with you to design and make that one of a kind item. Listed below are the different types of art glass you might be looking for. When you find the type of art glass you are looking for, use the link to find the local artist eager to work for you.

Stained Glass WorksStained Glasss - Crocus Lamp by Mary Koehl

Pieces of clear or colored glass which are connected with metal “came” or solder. This type of work includes windows, doors, sidelights, panel lamps, tiffany lamps, doors, sun catchers, skylights, lanterns, garden pieces, etc.
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Lampworking & Bead MakingTorchwork Beads - Larry Hesterberg

Work done in a torch that is used to melt and shape rods of glass. It is also known as flameworking or torchworking. Commonly used to make beads, marbles, sculptures, buttons, drawer pulls, jewelry, etc.
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MosaicsExamples of mosaic works by McAllen Stained Glass

Pieces of colored glass or other objects are attached to a surface to create the design and the spaces between the pieces are filled with grout. Commonly use to make pictures, garden art, stepping stones, gazing balls, tabletops, counter tops, back splashes, floors, etc.
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FusingFused Glass - Gamble Studios

The art of heating glass inside a kiln to a temperature where the glass becomes molten and made to adhere together and / or to change its shape. Commonly used to create bowls, vases, tiles, plates, sculptures, vessels, pictures, etc. 
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Glass BlowingBlown Paperweight - Boise Art Glass

The art of forming glass into shapes while the glass is in a molten, semi-liquid state. Commonly used to create paper weights, sculptures, marbles, bowls, vases, stemware, light fixtures, sink bowls, scientific glassware, etc.
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Etching / Sandblasting / EngravingEtched Glass by Paned Expressions Studio

The process of roughening or carving a piece of glass using various methods and tools in selected areas in order to produce a design  Commonly used to create windows, sidelights, entryways, cabinet doors, room dividers, fireplace screens, etc.
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