Two of the key points in the Art Glass Association mission statement are to create awareness and knowledge. The links on this page will help make you aware and knowledgeable about the various glass arts, their hazards, and safety concerns. With the proper respect and handling of materials related to your craft, you will receive many hours of satisfaction and pleasure.

Safety and Lead Article

This article addresses the concerns and proper techniques for working with lead based products use in some art glass construction.  If you have a concern about a product, a tool or a chemical contact the manufacturer immediately. If you have a question about a safety issue you can contact the AGA office at [email protected] or cal (740) 450-6547. go read

History of Stained Glass

A brief history of stained glass from its beginnings around 1100 AD; outlines the techniques and trends as the art has evolved through the ages to become what it has today. go read