The Art Glass Association is committed to helping art teachers of all ages and grades to bring the glass arts into their classrooms. By attending art and education conferences, the AGA's goal is to promote the glass arts as a curriculum choice across all grade levels.  The AGA will then help support teachers' needs by providing inspiration and ideas at the conferences, hands on experiences, and access to the information, suppliers, and mentors needed to bring the excitement and beauty of the glass arts to students.

AGA Art Glass in Art Class Testimonial

2011 Conferences AGA will be Attending

Last year the Art Glass Association formally hosted a booth at the Art Education Association Fall Conference in Texas, Ohio, Washington.

While the AGA had teachers teaching art glass in Texas.

, a conference dedicated to teaching Art Teachers, while AGA member Jacqui Bush hosted one in Texas. This year, we have combined efforts and expanded our reach to cover FIVE Art Education Conferences in FIVE states across the nation: California, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas where we will be hosting booths, teaching classes, and reaching out to the Art Education community about ART GLASS!Art Glass in Art Class Testimonial

What You'll Experience

  • The beauty and breadth of glass arts with live demonstrations of stained glass, fusing—and in some cases lampworking.
  • We will be teaching full day and 1-2 hour workshops in various aspects of art glass.
  • Make-it-Take-it projects in our expo booths to support the structured workshops and provide additional opportunities to experience glass.
  • Providing information for starting an Art Glass curriculum in the classroom.
  • Connecting local schools to AGA affiliated businesses and teachers to provide ongoing support and products
  • Promoting our success to generate more interest and keep the momentum going!

If you are a teacher

Contact us for more information about the AGA's Art Glass in Art Class education initiative and find out how we can help bring the glass arts to your classroom.

If you are in the Industry

AGA members and non-members both have the opportunity to participate at these events and have your business promoted. Sponsorship levels and participation details can be found in our flyer Art Glass in Art Class Flyer or contact Steve Shupper. We'd like to thank these 2009 sponsors:

  • Glass Accessories International
  • Glass Patterns Quarterly
  • Glastar Corporation
  • Hoevel Manufacturing
  • Inland Craft Products
  • Kokomo Opalescent Glass
  • Venture Tape
  • Wardell Publications