AGA 2010 Chairman Steve ShupperFrom Steve Shupper, Chairman

January 2010

It has been another exciting year in the Art Glass Association. First, thank you to the many sponsors who supported the AGA's 2009 Art Glass in Art Class campaign that concluded this past November. A list of those sponsors and a detailed report of that effort will be found in the Spring, 2010 edition of Profitable Glass Quarterly. You can see a list of the 2009 sponsors on the AGA & Art Education page.

Reading about the Art Educators Conferences where we reached over 3,000 teachers will certainly grab your attention. Hopefully, it got your mind thinking about how you can get involved. The answer is simple, contact me. We have a number of committees that are just waiting to be adopted by you. A few, just to whet your appetite, are:

  • Nominating
  • Budget and Finance
  • Newsletter, Quarterly Articles, & Communication
  • Website
  • Art Education Conference Campaign
  • Art Glass Expo
  • Art Glass Month
  • Teach the Teacher Program

Volunteering for one of these committees is a great way to meet people nationally and locally who are involved in the Art Glass community. Time commitment to them varies by committee and the season as some require a surge of work then are dormant for long stretches of time. There is no binding commitment to a committee as there is in holding an elected office so if you have a non-committal type of personality, a committee may be just right for you!

The AGA is built on volunteerism and works best when a lot of people do a little work to achieve a big goal. Right now we are riding a surge in exposure and growth and could really use some help. A few dedicated individuals have been working tirelessly to launch a series of new campaigns aimed at stimulating the Art Glass industry and now that the framework has been set, we need some hands to help in elevating this building process to a new level. The AGA is a fun and motivated group that provides an excellent forum for sharing ideas, increasing your exposure and getting motivated. Please join us in our campaign to grow your industry.

We are constantly looking for new members and even more than that, current members who want to get involved in our quest to grow this industry. If you are interested in helping with one of our many campaigns currently in place or have ideas you would like to share about helping us grow, please feel free to contact me.

Steve Shupper
[email protected]