April is National Art Glass Month!

The Art Glass Association creates a 'Theme Event' for every Art Glass Month. We encourage our members to build on this theme and create different events, classes or demonstrations to bring new and old customers into their stores.

We publicize the event nationwide and encourage each retail member to publicize in their own market utilizing our marketing tools. We encourage our Member Manufacturers to assist our retailers by donating promotional items, products, and holding onsite events.

2011 theme . . .

We apologize. We were redesigning the Art Glass Month program to better serve the current business model. However, resources were redirected to other events and made it difficult to continue the redesign. In June we are starting the next planning stage to make the Art Glass Month 2012 the best ever!

Would you like to assist us? Contact the AGA Office.

Our 2010 theme is. . .

A Feast of ArtA Sampling of Techniques

This year's theme opens doors to a myriad of possibilities for getting people excited about glass. I know, you think April and the first thing that comes to mind is the dreaded T word, taxes. We are here to help change the public's opinion of April and brighten their day with A Feast of Art Glass! April is the time for the art glass community to celebrate and share its passion for glass. People who already work with art glass know its allure, beauty and ever changing versatility but Art Glass Month is when those in the know shout out to their neighbors, "Glass is Great, it's Easy, it's Fun and it's Inspirational!" Invite them over for, "A Feast of Art Glass" at their neighborhood store or studio.

This timeless art is once again surging in popularity and the Art Glass Association is at the forefront of its leap forward. The AGA is here to help inspire both new and old artists, create excitement, and promote local stores and studios.

For AGA members, The Art Glass Association Promotional Kits will provide posters, ideas for advertising, directions for participation in a nationwide contest and the introduction of new programs such as, "Teach the Teacher" and an apprenticeship program. Members of the Art Glass Association are welcome to a promotional kit putting you on your way to a successful Art Glass Month! Contact Jennifer Urbaniak for more information.